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School lunches improving but still a long way to go: This week is National School Lunch Week

October 13, 2008

With 31 million meals served everyday, there's a lot of pressure on school lunch programs to deliver the proper nutrition America's youth needs. This week's National School Lunch Week brings awareness to the health issues and what is being done to make student meals a better part of a healthy diet. A University of Minnesota expert who studies adolescent nutrition is:
Mary Story, University of Minnesota School of Public Health professor

Story can explain the problems that still exist with school lunches and what is being done to improve their nutritional content. Story says school cooked meals remain high in fat and sodium and must incorporate more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. If we really want kids to eat better we have to have a concerted social movement to get the parents involved and the food industry to reduce marketing of unhealthy foods, says Story. 

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