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Sport management and law experts available to discuss Summer Olympics

August 5, 2008

While the Olympic Games are intended to a be a time to stow political differences, promote world harmony and celebrate good sportsmanship, this is often not the case. It is no different this year as China deals with negative worldwide press and the threat of cheating looms in many of the competitions. University of Minnesota experts who can discuss these issues are:
Stephen Ross, University of Minnesota sport management professor
Ross studies sports marketing and branding and thinks the interest in the games will remain high despite the negative attention in recent months. However, he sees the interest being more from the political perspective than the athletic perspective. That is, the stories regarding human rights issues, the state of Beijings environment and threat of terrorism could overshadow the performances in general. Ross can also explain the economic, social-cultural and environmental impacts of the games on the host city of Beijing.
Allan Erbsen, University of Minnesota Law School professor

Erbsen can discuss any legal issues that arise during the games, include doping cases and disputes over scoring, judging or referee decisions. Erbsen served as counsel in two cases before the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Athens during the 2004 Summer Olympics and has been a panelist and moderator at various sports law conferences discussing law at the Olympics. 

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