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Deciphering the fact and fiction of Indiana Jones: "Archaelogy" and crystal skulls explained

May 20, 2008

While booby traps and whip cracking are what make up the fictitious profession of archaeology in the Indiana Jones movie series, the subject of its latest installment -- crystal skulls -- are part of a very real cult activity. A University of Minnesota expert who can comment on the real and not so real of aspects of Indys adventures is:
William Beeman, professor and chair of the department of anthropology at the University of Minnesota
Beeman can explain where the films veer off course when it comes to real-life archeology. He says that many in the fact-finding profession still enjoy the Indiana Jones adventures, even as we know how far it is from what we do. Additionally, Beeman can discuss how crystal skulls, as portrayed in the fourth film, do exist as cult relics but are more likely products of 19th century Europe and not ancient Mayan artifacts.  

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