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Late nights, pizza for breakfast and disappearing cars: what parents can expect when students come home for summer

May 5, 2008

Finals Week can be a stressful time for students, but does the end of the school year also mean hardship for parents? While most anticipate their childrens homecoming as a happy occasion, many parents are surprised by the number of conflicts that arise as a result of new habits, schedules and attitudes. A University of Minnesota psychologist who can explain these scenarios and provide advice to parents is:
Scott Slattery, psychologist at the University of Minnesota

A senior psychologist at the University Counseling & Consulting Services, Slattery has developed a list of helpful suggestions for parents to keep in mind as their college-age children return home for the summer. He suggests that parents talk to their children about re-entry into the family, keeping in mind that all parties involved will have differing expectations about sleep schedules, use of the car, household chores, missing college friends who may be states away and the common exhaustion students experience after returning from the end of finals.  

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