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Those who prefer the commercials in luck during this year's Super Bowl

January 31, 2008

Those who prefer the commercials in luck during this years Super Bowl 
While watching the Super Bowl this Sunday, you might notice a few more or longer commercial interruptions when the cameras break from the field. Thats because Fox Television is jamming a record 63 commercials on the air, five more than normally seen. A U of M expert who can explain million-dollar advertising is:
John Eighmey, University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication professor
Eighmey says network executives have found unique ways to cram more time in for commercials, and advertisers continue to use hype, humor and laughs to sell. Eighmey is the Raymond O. Mithun Land Grant Chair in Advertising, a former member of the Federal Trade Commission and a national authority on advertising, marketing and mass communication.


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