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Huckabee on hybrids, Barack on biofuels and more: A U of M climate change expert analyzes environmental policies of presidential candidates

January 28, 2008

Its one of the most talked about stories of our time, garnering Nobel Peace Prizes, entire new industries and innovative pieces of legislation. But where is the environment in the quest for U.S. president? The candidates spar back and forth on the Iraq War, the struggling economy and the debate on illegal immigrants while largely ignoring this other issue on the forefront of many American minds. A U of M climate change expert available to speak about this issue is:
Elizabeth Wilson, professor in the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota

Wilson can expose the candidates projected policies and espoused beliefs on the environment. A former environmental scientist with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, she has a unique background in public policy and environmental research. Her areas of expertise include energy and environmental policy, regulatory and legal analysis of emerging technologies, climate change and public perception of emerging technologies. She will be available to analyze the candidates policies and beliefs from now until the November election.  

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