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USDA and FDA wage public debate on safety of food from cloned animals

January 17, 2008

Two of the most powerful sources of American food regulations are at odds this week over the safety of food from cloned animals. Just after the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommended to U.S. farmers a voluntary moratorium on selling cloned animal meat Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) fired back and assured the public of the foods safety. What are the potential risks of consuming meat from cloned animals? Which organization has the leg up in this debate? And, with some domestic farmers claiming that theyve long sold meat from cloned animals, does the public need to be worried? A University of Minnesota expert who can answer these questions is:
Abel Ponce de León, professor of animal science at the University of Minnesota
Ponce de Len, who has cloned a cow alongside scientists at the University of Massachusetts, supports the moratorium from the USDA. While he says that cloned animal product is safe to consume, he believes it should be banned from the U.S. market until there is more acceptance from the American public.
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