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Iowa caucuses heating up and counting down

January 2, 2008

Our state to the south has been the center of national attention the past few months as presidential hopefuls traverse the cornfields and small towns, vying for the nomination of their party. The polls are showing that both Democrats and Republicans have no clear leader in the contest, a historically vital step in the run for the presidency. University of Minnesota political experts who can break down what might happen are:
Kathryn Pearson, political science professor at the University of Minnesota
Pearson is available to discuss the primaries, what we can expect and, once the results are tallied, what they might mean for the rest of the election. She specializes in American politics, national institutions, political parties, elections, and women and politics, with particular expertise in the U.S. Congress.
Paula OLoughlin, political science professor at the University of Minnesota, Morris
OLoughlin is an accomplished and nationally recognized scholar in political science and can give a historical perspective on national caucuses, as well as an analysis of the race. 
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