E3 Conference

Policy, Economics and the Environment

Session I: Renewable Energy Policies Around the World

International CleanTech Investment
Rex O'Neal, Faegre & Benson

Sustainable Biofuels: A Global Conversation
John Sheehan, Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota

China's Challenges: Energy, Environment, and Development
Elizabeth Wilson, Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota

Tim Welle, BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota (Moderator)


Session II: Legal Challenges to Developing Renewable Energy

While We Wait for Good U.S. Policy
Jon Dettman, Faegre & Benson

Property Rights on the New Frontier: Climate Change, Natural Resource Development and Renewable Energy
Alexandra Klass, University of Minnesota Law School

Financing a Clean Technology Business the Old Fashioned Way
Todd Taylor, Fredrikson & Byron

IP Issues in Renewable Project Development
Edna Vassilovski, Stoel Rives

Alexandra Klass, University of Minnesota Law School (Moderator)


Session III: Toward U.S. Energy Independence

Five Key Trends That Will Define Clean-Energy Markets Through 2011 and Beyond
Peter J. Ekberg, Faegre & Benson

The EISA, RES and Carbon Policy: Three Potential Policy Contributors to Increasing Net Farm Income and Jobs in the United States
Burton C. English, Professor, Agriculture Economics, University of Tennessee

Lag in US Energy Policy Risks Lag in Innovations by US Companies
William Weimer, Faegre & Benson

Gregg Mast, BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota (Moderator)



This track sponsored by the BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota