E3 Conference

Conservation & Energy Efficiency

Session I: Frontiers in Building & Efficiency Research

Maximizing the Value of Efficiency Improvements in U.S. Homes
Ren Anderson, National Renewable Energy Laboratories

A Systems Approach to Residential Energy Efficiency: Thinking Outside the Box
Patrick H. Huelman, Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering, University of Minnesota

Building Momentum - Building Design is Critical to a Reduced Carbon Future
Greg Maxam AIA, LEED-AP, Architerctural Alliance

Paul Moe, Faegre & Benson (Moderator)


Session II: Corporate & Industrial Energy Efficiency Success Stories

Energy Efficient Buildings
Bruce Dorey, McQuay International

Exergy - Its Significance, Capabilities and Promise
Patrick Hamilton, Science Museum of Minnesota
Gregory Palmer, Xcel Energy
David Solberg, Thermo Environmental Solutions, LLC

Leadership in Sustainability - RiverCentre/Xcel Energy Center
Patrick Reeves, Progressive Associates, Inc.

John Wheaton, Faegre & Benson (Moderator)


Session III: Energy Efficiency & Transportation

Highway Vehicle Technology: Mid-Term Outlook
Kevin Green, U.S. Department of Tranpsortation

Energy Efficient Public Transportation
Brian Lamb, MetroTransit

Jan Lucke, Center for Transportation Studies, U of M (Moderator)


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