E3 Conference

Bioenergy Track

Session I: Next Generation Fuels & Products

Bio-DME: A Next Generation Fuel From Biomass
David Kittleson, Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota

Rapid Deployment of Segetis Technology - From Concept to Commercial
Brian Tockman, Segetis, Inc.

The Center for Sustainable Polymers: Goals and Accomplishments
William B. Tolman, Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota

Adonis Neblett, Fredrikson & Byron P.A. (Moderator)

Session II: Biomass Conversion Strategies

Residual Biomass to Pyrolysis Oil for Heat, Electricity and Transportation Fuel
Using Commercially Proven Fast Pyrolysis Technology
Stefan Müller, Ensyn Technologies

Biochemical Conversion Technologies: Progress & Promise of Microbial Strain Engineering for Biofuel Production
Claudia Schmidt-Dannert, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics, U of M

Exciting New Technologies for Renewable Liquid Transportation Fuel
Chris Zygarlicke, Energy & Environmental Research Center, U of North Dakota

Tom Byrne, Byrne & Company (Moderator)


Session III: Next Generation Bioenergy & Biofuels Feedstocks

Potential for Algae as a Next Generation Biofuels Feedstock
Ron Pate, Sandia National Laboratories and DOE/EERE Office of Biomass Program

Transforming Corn from a Commodity Crop to a Higher-Energy,
Multipurpose Biofuel Crop
Ronald Phillips, Agronomy & Plant Genetics, University of Minnesota
Douglas Tiffany, Extension, University of Minnesota

Carbon Negative Feedstocks
David Tilman, Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, University of Minnesota

Todd Taylor, Fredrikson & Byron P.A. (Moderator)



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