Security Council resolution 1080 (1996) on the situation in the Great Lakes region, U.N. Doc. S/RES/1080 (1996).

Adopted by the Security Council at its 3713th meeting, on 15 November 1996

The Security Council,

Reaffirming its resolution 1078 (1996) of 9 November 1996,

Gravely concerned at the continuing deteriorating situation in the Great Lakes region, in particular eastern Zaire,

Taking note of the communiqué issued by the Fourth Extraordinary Session of the Central Organ of the Organization of African Unity Mechanism for Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution held at the level of Ministers in Addis Ababa on 11 November 1996 (S/1996/922) as well as a communication dated 13 November 1996 from the Permanent Observer Mission of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) to the United Nations,

Stressing the need for all States to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the States in the region in accordance with their obligations under the Charter of the United Nations,

Underlining the obligation of all concerned strictly to respect the relevant provisions of international humanitarian law,

Having considered the letter dated 14 November 1996 from the Secretary-General to the President of the Security Council (S/1996/941),

Reiterating its support for the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General, and underlining the need for all Governments in the region and parties concerned to cooperate fully with the mission for the Special Envoy,

Welcoming the efforts of the mediators and representatives of the OAU, the European Union and the States concerned, and encouraging them to coordinate closely their efforts with those of the Special Envoy,

Recognizing that the current situation in eastern Zaire demands an urgent response by the international community,

Reiterating the urgent need for an international conference on peace, security and development in the Great Lakes region under the auspices of the United Nations and the OAU to address the problems of the region in a comprehensive way,

Determining that the present situation in eastern Zaire constitutes a threat to international peace and security in the region,

Bearing in mind the humanitarian purposes of the multinational force as specified below,

Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations,

1. Reiterates its condemnation of all acts of violence, and its call for an immediate ceasefire and a complete cessation of all hostilities in the region;

2. Welcomes the letter from the Secretary-General dated 14 November 1996;

3. Welcomes the offers made by Member States, in consultation with the States concerned in the region, concerning the establishment for humanitarian purposes of a temporary multinational force to facilitate the immediate return of humanitarian organizations and the effective delivery by civilian relief organizations of humanitarian aid to alleviate the immediate suffering of displaced persons, refugees and civilians at risk in eastern Zaire, and to facilitate the voluntary, orderly repatriation of refugees by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees as well as the voluntary return of displaced persons, and invites other interested States to offer to participate in these efforts;

4. Welcomes further the offer by a Member State (S/1996/941, annex) to take the lead in organizing and commanding this temporary multinational force;

5. Authorizes the Member States cooperating with the Secretary-General to conduct the operation referred to in paragraph 3 above to achieve, by using all necessary means, the humanitarian objectives set out therein;

6. Calls upon all concerned in the region to cooperate fully with the multinational force and humanitarian agencies and to ensure the security and freedom of movement of their personnel;

7. Calls upon the Member States participating in the multinational force to cooperate with the Secretary-General and to coordinate closely with the United Nations Coordinator for humanitarian assistance for eastern Zaire and the relevant humanitarian relief operations;

8. Decides that the operation shall terminate on 31 March 1997, unless the Council, on the basis of a report of the Secretary-General, determines that the objectives of the operation have been fulfilled earlier;

9. Decides that the cost of implementing this temporary operation will be borne by the participating Member States and other voluntary contributions, and welcomes the establishment by the Secretary-General of a voluntary trust fund with the purpose of supporting African participation in the multinational force;

10. Encourages Member States to contribute urgently to this fund or otherwise to give support to enable African States to participate in this force, and requests the Secretary-General to report within 21 days of the adoption of this resolution to enable the Council to consider the adequacy of these arrangements;

11. Requests the Member States participating in the multinational force to provide periodic reports at least twice monthly, through the Secretary-General, to the Council, the first such report to be made no later than 21 days after the adoption of this resolution;

12. Expresses its intention to authorize the establishment of a follow-on operation which would succeed the multinational force, and requests the Secretary-General to submit for its consideration a report, no later than 1 January 1997, containing his recommendations regarding the possible concept, mandate, structure, size and duration of such an operation, as well as its estimated costs;

13. Requests the Secretary-General to initiate detailed planning and to determine the willingness of Member States to contribute troops for the anticipated follow-on operation;

14. Decides to remain actively seized of the matter.




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