Western Sahara, U.N. Doc. S/RES/973 (1995).

Adopted by the Security Council at its 3490th meeting, on 13 January 1995

The Security Council,

its resolutions 621 (1988) of 20 September 1988, 658 (1990) of 27 June 1990, 690 (1991) of 29 April 1991, 725 (1991) of 31 December 1991, 809 (1993) of 2 March 1993 and 907 (1994) of 29 March 1994,

Recalling the statements by the President of the Security Council of 29 July 1994 (S/PRST/1994/39) and 15 November 1994 (S/PRST/1994/67),

Having considered the Secretary-General's report of 14 December 1994 (S/1994/1420),

Welcoming the efforts of the Secretary-General during his visit to the region from 25 to 29 November 1994,

Committed to reaching a just and lasting solution of the question of Western Sahara,

Urging the two parties to cooperate fully with the Secretary-General and the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO) to ensure prompt and full implementation of the Settlement Plan,

Noting the Secretary-General's judgement that the only way to complete identification and registration in a reasonable time is through a major reinforcement of personnel and other resources,

Concerned that the implementation of the Settlement Plan has been delayed and that in the circumstances the mandate of MINURSO, like the other United Nations operations, should be subject to periodic consideration by the Council,

1. Welcomes the report of the Secretary-General on the situation concerning Western Sahara of 14 December 1994;

2. Reiterates its commitment to holding, without further delay, a free, fair and impartial referendum for self-determination of the people of Western Sahara in accordance with the Settlement Plan which has been accepted by the two parties;

3. Calls upon the two parties to cooperate fully with the Secretary- General and MINURSO in their efforts to implement the Settlement Plan in accordance with the relevant Security Council resolutions and within the time-scale outlined in paragraphs 21 and 22 of the Secretary-General's report;

4. Welcomes the fact that voter identification has begun and is continuing albeit at a slow pace, and commends MINURSO for the progress achieved thus far;

5. Approves the expansion of MINURSO as proposed in paragraphs 17 to 19 of the Secretary-General's report and expresses the hope that every effort will be made to deploy the observers necessary to complete the identification process in a timely fashion in accordance with the Settlement Plan;

6. Requests the Secretary-General to report by 31 March 1995 to confirm the arrangements with regard to the logistic, personnel and other resources required for the deployment of MINURSO at full strength, on his final plans for implementing all elements of the Settlement Plan and on the responses of the parties to his proposals in order to fulfil the United Nations mission in Western Sahara;

7. Encourages the Secretary-General to continue to deploy all possible efforts in order to create a propitious atmosphere conducive to a speedy and effective implementation of the Settlement Plan;

8. Expects to be able, on the basis of the report requested in paragraph 6 above, to confirm 1 June 1995 as the date for the start of the transitional period, with a view to holding the referendum in October 1995 and to bringing the mission to a successful conclusion shortly thereafter, in accordance with the Settlement Plan;

9. Decides that the mandate of MINURSO should continue to 31 May 1995;

10. Also decides to consider the possible extension of the mandate of MINURSO after 31 May 1995 on the basis of a further report from the Secretary-General and in the light of progress achieved towards the holding of the referendum and the implementation of the Settlement Plan;

11. Requests the Secretary-General to keep the Security Council fully informed of further developments in the implementation of the Settlement Plan for the Western Sahara during this period;

12. Decides to remain seized of the matter.

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