Commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the operations of the United Nations Children's Fund, G.A. res. 51/192, 51 U.N. GAOR Supp. (No. 49) at 49, U.N. Doc. A/51/49 (Vol. I) (1996).

      The General Assembly,
      Recalling its resolutions 57 (I) of 11 December 1946, by which it
established the International Children's Emergency Fund, 417 (V) of 1 December
1950, by which it affirmed the Fund's decision to devote a greater share of
its resources to programmes outside Europe, 802 (VIII) of 6 October 1953, by
which it changed the name of the organization to the United Nations Children's
Fund and removed the time limits from its mandate, 1391 (XIV) of 20 November
1959, in which it saw aid provided by the Fund as a practical way to carry out
the aims proclaimed in the Declaration on the Rights of the Child, 2057 (XX)
of 16 December 1965, in which it applauded the award of the Nobel Peace Prize
for 1965 to the United Nations Children's Fund and 2855 (XXVI) of 20 December
1971, in which it commended the Fund for its very substantial and significant
achievements during its twenty-five years of operation,
      Also recalling its resolutions 33/83 of 15 December 1978 on the
International Year of the Child, 44/25 of 20 November 1989 on the Convention
on the Rights of the Child and 45/217 of 21 December 1990 on the World Summit
for Children,
      1.    Congratulates the United Nations Children's Fund on the occasion
of its fiftieth anniversary;
      2.    Commends the Fund for the important contribution it has made
during its first fifty years in promoting the survival, development and
protection of children and as an advocate of children's rights, and all who
helped to contribute to its substantial achievements, including the staff of
the United Nations Children's Fund, the National Committees for the Fund and
other partners.



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