Report of the Committee on Relations with the Host Country, G.A. res. 50/49, U.N. Doc. A/RES/50/49 (1995)

The General Assembly,
     Having considered the report of the Committee on Relations with the Host
     Recalling Article 105 of the Charter of the United Nations, the
Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations and the
Agreement between the United Nations and the United States of America
regarding the Headquarters of the United Nations, and the responsibilities of
the host country,
     Recognizing that effective measures should continue to be taken by the
competent authorities of the host country, in particular to prevent any acts
violating the security of missions and the safety of their personnel,
     Noting the spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding that has guided
the deliberations of the Committee on issues affecting the United Nations
community and the host country,
     Welcoming the increased interest shown by Member States in participating
in the work of the Committee,
     1.   Endorses the recommendations and conclusions of the Committee on
Relations with the Host Country contained in paragraph 67 of its report;
     2.   Considers that the maintenance of appropriate conditions for the
normal work of the delegations and the missions accredited to the United
Nations is in the interests of the United Nations and all Member States, and
expresses the hope that the host country will continue to take all measures
necessary to prevent any interference with the functioning of missions;
     3.   Expresses its appreciation for the efforts made by the host country,
and hopes that problems raised at the meetings of the Committee will continue
to be resolved in a spirit of cooperation and in accordance with international
     4.   Notes with appreciation the report of the Secretary- General on the
problem of diplomatic indebtedness, stresses that such indebtedness is a
matter of significant concern to the United Nations and that non-payment of
undisputed debts reflects badly on the entire diplomatic community and
tarnishes the image of the Organization itself, reaffirms that non-compliance
with contractual obligations cannot be condoned or justified, and endorses the
proposals and procedures on the issue of financial indebtedness set out in
annex II to the current report of the Committee;
     5.   Urges the host country to consider lifting travel controls with
regard to certain missions and staff members of the Secretariat of certain
nationalities, and in this regard notes the positions of the affected States,
of the Secretary-General and of the host country;
     6.   Calls upon the host country to review measures and procedures
relating to the parking of diplomatic vehicles, with a view to responding to
the growing needs of the diplomatic community, and to consult with the
Committee on these issues;
     7.   Requests the Secretary-General to remain actively engaged in all
aspects of the relations of the United Nations with the host country;
     8.   Requests the Committee to continue its work, in conformity with
General Assembly resolution 2819 (XXVI) of 15 December 1971;
     9.   Decides to include in the provisional agenda of its fifty-first
session the item entitled "Report of the Committee on Relations with the Host



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