The situation of democracy and human rights in Haiti, G.A. res. 49/27, 49 U.N. GAOR Supp. (No. 49) at 32, U.N. Doc. A/49/49 (1994).

Forty-ninth session
Agenda item 34


The General Assembly,

Having considered
anew the item entitled "The situation of democracy and human rights in Haiti",

Recalling its resolutions 46/7 of 11 October 1991, 46/138 of 17 December 1991, 47/20 A of 24 November 1992, 47/20 B of 20 April 1993, 48/27 A of 6 December 1993 and 48/27 B of 8 July 1994,

Recalling also the resolutions and decisions adopted on the question by the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council and the Commission on Human Rights,

Recalling further the relevant resolutions adopted on the question by the Organization of American States,

Recalling the terms of the Governors Island Agreement 1/ and of the New York Pact 2/ related thereto,

Bearing in mind the donor conference held in Paris on 22 August 1994,

Stressing the need for continued support from the international community for technical, economic and financial cooperation with Haiti,

Welcoming the significant progress made in implementing the Governors Island Agreement, the New York Pact and the objectives of the United Nations as set forth in its resolutions,

Welcoming also the return to Haiti on 15 October 1994 of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and, with him, the return of democracy in a spirit of national reconciliation,

Welcoming further the improvement in the situation of human rights following the return of President Aristide,

Taking note of the report of the Secretary-General of 23 November 1994 on the situation of democracy and human rights in Haiti, 3/ in particular his recommendations with regard to the mandate of the International Civilian Mission to Haiti,

1. Expresses its appreciation to all States which have accompanied the Haitian people in their efforts to return to a constitutional order and democracy;

2. Expresses its satisfaction at the return of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to his country, which is contributing to the establishment of a lasting peace, the advance of democracy, national reconciliation and the creation of the proper conditions for the implementation of the various programmes for the reconstruction and development of Haiti;

3. Pays tribute to the efforts of President Aristide, his Government, the Haitian leaders and the legitimate governmental bodies established to lead the country out of the crisis and return it to the community of nations;

4. Commends the progress in the preparations for holding as soon as possible parliamentary and municipal elections in accordance with the Constitution of Haiti, as a further stage in the strengthening of democracy in Haiti;

5. Warmly welcomes the appointment of the new Special Representative of the Secretary-General, and thanks the former Special Envoy of the Secretaries-General of the United Nations and the Organization of American States for his work;

6. Commends the cooperation between the Secretaries- General of the United Nations and the Organization of American States, and requests the speedy return to Haiti of all members of the International Civilian Mission to Haiti with the task of verifying compliance by Haiti with its human rights obligations, namely, to promote respect for the rights of all Haitians and to contribute to the strengthening of democratic institutions;

7. Urges the international community and governmental and non-governmental organizations to increase their technical, economic and financial cooperation with Haiti in support of its economic and social development efforts and in order to strengthen Haitian institutions responsible for dispensing justice and guaranteeing democracy, respect for human rights, political stability and economic development;

8. Requests the Secretary-General to support the Government of Haiti as it works towards the national reconstruction and development of Haiti, in order to create a climate propitious to the establishment of a lasting democracy and full respect for human rights;

9. Also requests the Secretary-General to ensure the coordination of the efforts of the United Nations system towards an appropriate response capable of providing humanitarian aid and of meeting the development requirements of Haiti;

10. Further requests the Secretary-General to submit to the General Assembly a report on the implementation of the present resolution;

11. Decides to include in the provisional agenda of its fiftieth session the item entitled "The situation of democracy and human rights in Haiti".

75th plenary meeting
5 December 1994


1/ See A/47/975-S/26063, para. 5.

2/ A/47/1000-S/26297, annex.

3/ A/49/689.

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