Integration of the economies in transition into the world economy, G.A. res 49/106, 49 U.N. GAOR Supp. (No. 49) at 136, U.N. Doc. A/49/49 (1994).

The General Assembly,

its resolutions 47/175 and 47/187 of 22 December 1992 and 48/181 of 21 December 1993 and all its other relevant resolutions,

Taking note of the relevant decisions of the Economic Commission for Europe, namely, decisions B (49) and C (49) of 26 April 1994, and the relevant resolutions of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, namely, 50/1 and 50/2 of 13 April 1994,

Taking note also of the report of the Secretary-General, the Economic Survey of Europe in 1993-1994, the Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific, 1993 and the World Economic and Social Survey, 1994,

Noting the ongoing efforts of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to encourage sound macroeconomic policies,

Reaffirming the need for the full integration of countries in transition from centrally planned to market economies, as well as all other countries, into the world economy, which is essential to sustainable development,

1. Invites the United Nations system to continue its support for the efforts of economies in transition as they transform their economies and integrate them into the world economy through, inter alia, adoption of the international standards and practices of countries with market economies;

2. Welcomes the measures undertaken by the United Nations system to strengthen its abilities in response to resolution 48/181 on the economies in transition, and calls upon the United Nations system to continue to conduct analytical activities and to provide policy advice and technical assistance to the economies in transition, tailored to each country's respective stage of economic transformation;

3. Calls upon the United Nations system to continue studying, within the scope of the implementation of the present resolution and while continuing the existing cooperation with relevant international institutions and entities, possible ways of enhancing economic and technical cooperation among countries with economies in transition, as well as with developing countries, identifying how the United Nations system can strengthen cooperation while avoiding duplication, with a view to encouraging greater participation by those countries in the world economy;

4. Requests the Secretary-General to submit a report on the implementation of the present resolution to the General Assembly at its fifty-first session.

92nd plenary meeting
19 December 1994

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