University for Peace, G.A. res. 48/9, 48 U.N. GAOR Supp. (No. 49) at 15, U.N. Doc. A/48/49 (1993).

The General Assembly,

Recalling that in its resolution 34/111 of 14 December 1979 it approved the idea of establishing a University for Peace as a specialized international centre for post-graduate studies, research and the dissemination of knowledge specifically aimed at training for peace within the system of the United Nations University,

Recalling also that by its resolution 35/55 of 5 December 1980 it approved the establishment of the University for Peace in conformity with the International Agreement for the Establishment of the University for Peace,

Recalling further its resolutions 45/8 of 24 October 1990 and 46/11 of 24 October 1991 on the tenth anniversary of the University, as well as the report of the Secretary-General on that anniversary,

Recognizing that the University has suffered from financial limitations which have impeded the development of the activities and programmes necessary for carrying out its important mandate,

Recognizing also the various activities carried out by the University during the period 1991-1993 largely thanks to the financial contributions made by Costa Rica, Italy and Spain, as well as by the Commission of the European Communities, and other contributions by foundations and non-governmental organizations,

Noting that in 1991 the Secretary-General, with the assistance of the United Nations Development Programme, established a Trust Fund for Peace consisting of voluntary contributions in order to provide the University with the means necessary to extend its sphere of activity to the rest of the world and to take full advantage of its potential capacity for education, research and support of the United Nations, and to carry out its mandate of working to promote peace in the world, with emphasis on specific research and training activities in the context of the report of the Secretary-General entitled "An Agenda for Peace" in the areas of the prevention of conflict, the maintenance and consolidation of peace and the peaceful settlement of disputes,

Recalling that Slovenia acceded to the International Agreement for the Establishment of the University for Peace on 6 June 1992,

Recalling also that the General Assembly, in its resolution 46/11, decided to include in the agenda of its forty-eighth session and biennially thereafter an item entitled "University for Peace",

1. Reiterates its appreciation to the Secretary-General for the establishment of the Trust Fund for Peace, consisting of voluntary contributions for the purpose of assisting the University for Peace to develop its activities for the promotion of peace and to ensure that it has the increasing and essential resources to pursue its future activities;

2. Invites Member States, non-governmental organizations and intergovernmental bodies as well as interested individuals and organizations to contribute directly to the Trust Fund for Peace and to the budget of the University;

3. Also invites Member States to accede to the International Agreement for the Establishment of the University for Peace, thus demonstrating their support of a global institution for peace studies whose mandate is the promotion of world peace;

4. Decides to include in the agenda of its fiftieth session the item entitled "University for Peace".

36th plenary meeting
25 October 1993

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