Emergency assistance to Mozambique, G.A. res. 48/249, 48 U.N. GAOR Supp. (No. 49) at ?, U.N. Doc. A/48/49 (1993).

The General Assembly,

Deeply concerned about the loss of human life and extensive damage and devastation caused by tropical cyclone Nadia, which recently struck vast areas of central and northern Mozambique,

Noting with grave concern that the stricken areas were yet to recover fully from the consequences of war and previous natural disasters,

Noting the negative impact of the cyclone on the national economy and on the ongoing collective efforts to bring about a lasting peace and tranquillity to Mozambique,

Recognizing the efforts undertaken by the Government of Mozambique in order to assist the people in need,

Determined to assist the people of Mozambique in their efforts for the full implementation of the provisions of the General Peace Agreement for Mozambique of 4 October 1992, particularly in the period prior to the holding of the general elections,

1. Declares its solidarity with the people and Government of Mozambique in this time of trial;

2. Notes with satisfaction the national efforts already under way in order to provide the necessary assistance to the victims of the cyclone;

3. Commends the international community, including the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children's Fund, and the Department of Humanitarian Affairs of the Secretariat, through the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Assistance Coordination at Maputo, for their prompt response to assist the victims of this natural disaster;

4. Requests the Secretary-General and the competent bodies and organizations of the United Nations system, in close collaboration with the Government of Mozambique, to mobilize relief assistance to the victims of this natural disaster;

5. Requests the international community to provide urgently additional support to Mozambique in order to mitigate the economic, financial and social consequences endured by the people and the Government of Mozambique in their efforts to recover from the cyclone and to enable the country to continue pursuing its development goals;

6. Requests the Secretary-General to review the consequences of tropical cyclone Nadia on the national economy of Mozambique and to include his observations and recommendations in the report called for in paragraph 10 (c) of General Assembly resolution 47/42 of 9 December 1992, entitled "Assistance to Mozambique".

92nd plenary meeting
5 April 1994