Assistance to Yemen, G.A. res. 47/179, 47 U.N. GAOR Supp. (No. 49) at 130, U.N. Doc. A/47/49 (1992).

The General Assembly,

Taking note of the report of the Secretary-General on assistance to Yemen,

Recalling its resolutions 46/174 of 19 December 1991 and 45/193 and 45/222 of 21 December 1990, as well as Economic and Social Council resolutions 1991/62 of 26 July 1991 and of decisions 91/19 and 91/20 of 25 June 1991 of the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme,

Noting the importance of implementing all relevant General Assembly and Economic and Social Council resolutions and decisions of the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme,

Noting the social and economic challenges still facing Yemen as a result of unification, the return of Yemeni expatriates the continuous flow of thousands of refugees from the Horn of Africa, in particular from Somalia, and recent natural disasters,

1. Calls upon States, United Nations organizations, governmental organizations, international non-governmental organizations and financial institutions to extend special assistance to Yemen to enable that country to deal with the above-mentioned challenges;

2. Calls upon the Secretary-General, in cooperation with the relevant organs and organizations of the United Nations system, to provide assistance to the Government and the people of Yemen in the efforts to find a solution to the serious situation created by these to the challenges and especially by the returnees and refugees;

3. Requests the Secretary-General to submit a comprehensive report to the General Assembly at its forty-eighth session on the implementation of the present resolution.

93rd plenary meeting
22 December 1992

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