Assistance for the reconstruction and development of Djibouti, G.A. res. 47/157, 47 U.N. GAOR Supp. (No. 49) at 115, U.N. Doc. A/47/49 (1992).

The General Assembly,

Recalling its resolution 46/175 of 19 December 1991 and its previous resolutions on economic assistance to Djibouti,

Recalling also the Paris Declaration and the Programme of Action for the Least Developed Countries for the 1990s, adopted by the Second United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries on 14 September 1990, as well as the mutual commitments undertaken on that occasion and the importance to be attached to the follow-up to that Conference,

Noting that the economic and social development efforts of Djibouti, which is included in the list of least developed countries, are constrained by the extremes of the local climate, for example, cyclical droughts and torrential rains, and floods such as those which occurred in 1989, and that the implementation of reconstruction and development programmes requires the deployment of resources that exceed the real capacities of the country,

Noting with concern that the situation in Djibouti has been adversely affected by recent events in the Horn of Africa, and noting the recent influx of over 100,000 refugees and persons displaced from their countries, which has, on the one hand, placed serious strains on the fragile economic, social and administrative infrastructure of the country and, on the other, raised serious security concerns,

Noting the extremely critical economic situation of Djibouti resulting from its geographical location and from the number of priority development projects that have been suspended in the light of the new critical international situation,

Taking note of the report of the Secretary-General,

Noting with gratitude the support provided to emergency relief operations during the floods in 1989 by various countries and intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations,

1. Declares its solidarity with the Government and people of Djibouti in the face of the devastating consequences of the torrential rains and floods and the new economic realities of Djibouti resulting in particular from the new critical situation in the Horn of Africa;

2. Expresses its appreciation to the Secretary-General for his efforts to make the international community aware of the difficulties faced by Djibouti in particular and the Horn of Africa in general;

3. Invites the United Nations system, in particular the United Nations Development Programme, to assist the Government of Djibouti, in the context of the scheduled round-table meeting, in preparing an urgent programme of rehabilitation and reconstruction, as well as a sustainable and adequate long-term development programme;

4. Calls upon all States, all regional and interregional organizations, non-governmental organizations and other intergovernmental agencies, in particular the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Children's Fund, the World Food Programme, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the World Bank, to provide Djibouti with substantial appropriate assistance, on both a bilateral and a multilateral basis, to enable it to cope with its special economic difficulties;

5. Requests the Secretary-General to continue his efforts to mobilize the resources necessary for an effective programme of financial, technical and material assistance to Djibouti;

6. Also requests the Secretary-General to prepare a study of the economic situation of Djibouti and of the progress made in the organization and implementation of the new special programme of economic assistance for that country, in time for the question to be considered by the General Assembly at its forty-eighth session.

92nd plenary meeting
18 December 1992

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