Universal Declaration of Human Rights Videos


Pillsbury Elementary School

5th & 6th Grade Class

Minneapolis, MN

Kirsten Parker, Teacher

Catherine Berg Stafford, Law Student

John Tonsager, Community Representative

Students read and discussed the original and simplified versions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They had difficulty understanding what each right actually meant. The community representative showed the Amnesty International cartoon/graphics video on the Universal Declaration which the students really liked.

The teacher suggested that the students make their own video. Divided into groups of four to six students, each group was given five articles from the Universal Declaration. The students are writing storyboards for each article with assistance from the law student and teacher. The ideas range from skits to graphics. They are also learning to use the video equipment at their school. In the next several sessions, they will tape and produce videos of the rights. The videos will be shown on the in-school cable television channel.


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