Human Rights Resource Centers in the Twin Cities

The Resource Center of the Americas
317 17th Avenue Southeast
Minneapolis, MN 55414

(612) 627-9445
Contact: Meredith Sommers or Mary Swenson

The Resource Center of the Americas is a non-profit, community-based organization offering a wide variety of educational resources on Latin America, the Caribbean, and North America. The Center also houses the Penny Lernoux Memorial Library and an educational curriculum/video library and offers in-service workshops for educators.

United Nations Association of Minnesota
1929 South 5th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55454

(612) 333-2824
Contact: Mary Eileen Sorenson

The United Nations Association provides classroom materials and educational outreach on the United Nations and its visions for a safe and secure world. Some excellent classroom materials are available directly from the Minnesota office, while other materials on the United Nations can be ordered through:

United Nations Association--USA
Model UN and Youth Programs
485 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10017
Contact: Jim Muldoon
(212) 697-3232

The Upper Midwest Women's History Center
c/o Hamline University
1536 Hewitt Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104-1284

(612) 644-1727
Contact: Susan Hill-Gross or Eileen Soderberg

The Center has developed curriculum materials that focus on women's history and cultural contributions in the United States and in developing countries. A detailed description of curriculum is available by requesting the Center's collection catalog. The Center also sponsors numerous workshops.

A World of Difference
Century Plaza, Suite 112
1111 3rd Avenue SouthMinneapolis, MN 55402
The Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith
(same address as A World of Difference)

(612) 349-2865
Contact: Carol Wirtschafter or Linda Loverude

(612) 338-7816
Contact: Carol Wirtschafter or Linda Loverude

A World of Difference provides curriculum materials for teaching about human rights to elementary and secondary students. An arts curriculum is also available.

The Anti-Defamation League has information available on a wide range of topics, beyond those covered by A World of Difference.

University of Minnesota Human Rights Center
439 Law Center
229 19th Avenue South
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455

(612) 626-0041
Contact: Kristi Rudelius-Palmer or Johanna Allayne Ronnei

The University of Minnesota Human Rights Center (HRC) works to educate the community about human rights through public education, internships, primary/secondary/university education projects, and research. The HRC has the largest human rights documentation center in the United States. In addition, the HRC is creating a K-12 clearinghouse for human rights curricula as part of North American Partners for Human Rights Education (NAPHRE). The HRC and the Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights have also created Partners in Human Rights Education, a project designed to teach human rights in the K-12 classrooms.

International Women's Rights Action Watch
143 Humphrey Institute
301 19th Avenue South
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455

(612) 625-5093
Contact: Marsha Freeman or Sharon Ladin

The International Women's Rights Action Watch (IWRAW) is a global network of activists and scholars that grew out of workshops on the Convention held at the 1985 Nairobi World Conference on Women. IWRAW facilitates and monitors compliance efforts under the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, and undertakes public education activities related to the Convention. The Women, Public Policy and Development Project at the Humphrey Institute serves as the international secretariat for the IWRAW network, and maintains files on country compliance and has numerous publications on women's rights which are available to educators.

Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights Building Immigrant Awareness and Support
400 2nd Avenue South, Suite 1050 (Same Address as Minnesota Advocates)
Minneapolis, MN 55401

(612) 341-3302 (Same as Minnesota Advocates)
Contact: Nancy Arnison

The Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights investigate and report on human rights abuses around the world. The organization maintains country files of human rights abuses and has several years of State Department country condition reports on file. This information is available to the public. The Minnesota Advocates request that individuals interested in specific information call the office.

Building Immigrant Awareness and Support (the B.I.A.S. Project) provides accurate information about the impact of immigrants on our society , the economy and the labor market, and confronts destructive stereotypes through positive images and individual stories in an educational, public affairs and media campaign. The B.I.A.S. Project maintains a large amount of refugee- and immigrant-related curricula for youth education in its files, along with fact sheets and personal profiles of Minnesotans who arrived as immigrants and refugees. The B.I.A.S. Project also has a speakers bureau, a comprehensive library of studies on immigrant facts, law and policy, and a database of organizations and resources.

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
757 Raymond Avenue #213
St. Paul, MN 55114

(612) 645-3045

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) has developed curriculum materials on topics such as women and human rights and peace education. Please call for further information.

Minnesota Center for Community Legal Education
The Center is currently at Hamline University, but will soon be moving to the University of Minnesota at:

340 Coffey Hall
1420 Eckles Avenue
University of Minnesota, St. Paul Campus
St. Paul, MN 55108

(612) 641-2279 ( this phone line is for the Hamline University location, but will remain open, listing the new phone number, for approximately one year after the move to the University of Minnesota)
Contact: Jennifer Bloom

Center for Victims of Torture
717 East River Road
Minneapolis, MN 55455

(612) 626-1400
Contact: Andrea Northwood

The Center for Victims of Torture is a private, not-for-profit organization providing multi-disciplinary, rehabilitative treatment services for survivors of foreign political torture. Center staff is available to do presentations on the needs of torture survivors and how local community workers can help meet those needs.

American Refugee Committee
2344 Nicollet Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404

(612) 872-7060

Staff is available to do presentations in schools.

College of Education, Department of Curriculum and Instruction Library
45 Peik Hall (East Bank)
University of Minnesota

(612) 625-8315 Curriculum materials are also available here.

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