Training Manual on Human Rights Monitoring - Appendix II to Chapter IX: Report After Visit to Detention Facility




Date of Report: __/__/__


Summary Report Number: S-_______

Officer(s) Preparing Report__________________________________


Area office__________________________________



This form is intended to provide a prompt, confidential, informal, and interim summary of the principal points and understandings arising from a recent visit to a place where persons are held in custody by the Government. This summary report is not intended to provide a comprehensive report of the visit and is also not intended as a high-level official communication from the UN field operation. Please use supplementary sheets, if there is insufficient space. Also use supplementary sheets for any additional information not included in the questions.

1. Introduction - highlights:

Note the principal issues, responses, and understandings arising during the visit that may require action by the governor/director/warden, by the area office, by the operation's central office, or by the authorities.

2. Modalities, materials, and methods:

a. Administration of the facility (please identify director, etc.)

b. Visiting procedure (including date of visit)



c. Cooperation of the authorities



d. Number and categories of detainees:

  • persons awaiting criminal trial


  • sentenced prisoners


  • persons held pursuant to administrative order


  • other categories (specify):


  • total

    - adults



    - persons under 18



  • nationality or ethnicity of detainees


  • other classifications of detainees



3. Principle points:

Note the principal points arising during the visit and indicate the response of the governor/director/warden or the understanding established as to each point.

a. Adequacy and condition of detention facilities

Indicate size of cells, detainees in each cell, punishment or isolation cells, nature and age of the buildings, capacity of the facility, problems of overcrowding, average of square metres per person, hours spent in cells, separation of different categories of detainees (e.g. adults/children, arrested/sentenced, common law/security, women/men, etc.



Response or understanding:



b. Prison register or list of detainees



Response or understanding:



c. Personal hygiene (facilities for toilets, showers, or other washing, etc.)



Response or understanding:



d. Medical care and health condition of detainees (Access to a doctor, adequacy of care, patient consent and confidentiality, illness, AIDS, tuberculosis, parasites, rats, insects, suicide prevention, etc.)



Response or understanding:


e. Water (supply, cleanliness, removal after use)


Response or understanding:

f. Food and nutrition



Response or understanding:



g. Outdoor recreation, other physical exercise, and/or work



Response or understanding:



h. Family and other visits; other contact without the outside world



Response or understanding:



i. Treatment when arrested



Response or understanding:



j. Treatment during detention



Response or understanding:



k. Length of per-trial detention



Response or understanding:



l. Desciplinary cells and nature of disciplinary punishment



Response or understanding:



m. Violence among detainees



Response or understanding:



n. Prison rules and complaint mechanisms



Response or understanding:



o. Other concerns



Response or understanding:



(Add supplementary sheets as necessary)

4. Other matters arising from final interview with director








5. Further Action planned by the area office

Note the expected date and nature of the next visit







6. Recommendations for action by national prison authorities







7. Recommendations for action by the central office









8. Conclusions

Please include any concluding remarks which would be helpful to the central office in dealing with the recommendations or information provided.







9. Attachments

Please append any documents or other materials which would help to explain the situation or recommendations. One attachment should be an updated list of detainees indicating biographical data, information about arrest, trial, etc., if such information is available from the prison register maintained by the authorities or was compiled by the human rights officers. A second attachment should be a list of detainees interviewed together with interview forms for those detainees, see Appendix 1 to Chapter XX. A third attachment might be prison rules and/or complaint mechanisms.

7. Approval by Coordinator

Area Office Coordinator: _____________________________(Signed)

Date: __/__/__

Date and time the report was submitted to the director of the detention facility:

Date: __/__/__ Time: __________

Date and time the report was forwarded to the central office:

Date: __/__/__ Time: __________





* This summary report is confidential and is intended only for the authorities to which it is submitted. It must not be published without written agreement of the UN Human Rights Field Operation.


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