Training Manual on Human Rights Monitoring - Appendix II to Chapter XX: Periodic Report Form




Date of Report: __/__/__


Periodic Report Number: P-________

Officer(s) Preparing Report__________________________________


Area office__________________________________


Periodic Report

This form is intended for reporting periodic developments, to document work accomplished, identify major trends, alert managers as to major developments, and to plan future efforts to improve the human rights situation. This report is intended to report on developments in connection with the following aspect of the operation's mandate: general report of area office, detention, returnee monitoring, demonstration monitoring, election observation, promotion and technical assistance, other:

Please use supplementary sheets, if there is insufficient space. Also use supplementary sheets for any additional information not included in the questions -- indicating the source of information.

1. Introduction; overview of regional human rights situation; highlights: (Note most important developments requiring attention.)





2. Progress in completing work plan during the reporting period:

(Note the accomplishments under the major headings of the mandate, e.g., monitoring of human rights in regard to arrests, detention conditions, etc.; training provided to police; inquiries into violations; etc.)











3. Major Trends in the situation during the reporting period:

(As to each aspect of the mandate, please describe developments which indicate either improvements, deteriorations, or major problems encountered. To the extent possible, describe how the situation has changed and indicate any available data which illustrates those changes, e.g., increase in the number of ethnic detainees held from 100 to 200.)










4. Plans for the forthcoming period

(As to each aspect of the mandate and each major development identified above, please describe what plans the area office has for dealing with the aspect of the mandate and the developments that have arisen.)












5. Recommendations for the forthcoming period

(As to each aspect of the mandate and each major development identified above, please make any suggestions as to actions which should be taken by the central office.)














6. Information on the office

(E.g., illness/vacation of staff members, vehicles out of order, etc.)













7. Conclusions

(Please include any concluding remarks which would be helpful to the central office in dealing with the recommendations or information provided.)














8. Attachments

(Please append any documents, interview forms, or other materials which would help to explain the situation or recommendations.)

9.1 Area Office Coordinator:

9.2 Date the report was forwarded to the central office: __/__/__



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