Joint Labor-Management Statement by the ICEM and signatory companies of the World Chlorine Council, Appendix to ICEM Update 86/98, 20 October 1998.

1. In the global chlorine chemical industries, organized labor and management share common interest in socially, economically and environmentally sustainable production. Sustainable practices must be developed in conjunction with the promotion of long-term employment opportunities.

2. All participants in the global chlorine chemical industries must continuously commit appropriate resources to ensure that their products, processes and practices are sustainable. Organized labor and management share an interest in working with the scientific, governmental, environmental and other communities to ensure that technological, economic, environmental and social concerns are considered and balanced.



a. Labor and management jointly recognize the role and legitimacy of trade unions in the workplace, and pledge to act in good faith to create a positive and enduring labor-management relationship which recognizes and respects the right of employees to organize and to bargain collectively.

b. The parties participating in the Forum, including their consultants, will not engage in derisive anti-union actions including (but not limited to) the following examples: the use of unfair or illegal tactics during organizing campaigns; attacks on the honesty and integrity of union members, supporters or staff; attacks on the economic effectiveness of unions; spreading false information; firing or taking other reprisals against workers because they support unions; and, citing an old problem with a union as if it happened yesterday.

c. In the course of organizing campaigns, labor and management and their respective consultants will not engage in derisive attacks on each other; campaigns shall be conducted with fairness and integrity, consistent with employees' right to choose a representative for collective bargaining.

4. Both parties recognize that technological innovation, patterns of global production and consumption, and evolving market demand will play significant roles in determining opportunities for employment and investment.

To better prepare for the future, labor and management agree that:

5. Both parties must commit to job training for all workers to advance the goal of promoting long-term employment and promoting sustainability through the development of globally-recognized environmental, health and safety standards; and

6. Both parties must be prepared to adapt to changing conditions by participating in and supporting the development of new technologies and modification of existing technologies if required by sound scientific research and consistent with the features of Responsible Care and best health, safety and environmental practices.


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