The Canadian Chemical Producers' Association Codes of Practice: Community Right-To-Know Policy

Policy Position

The Canadian Chemical Producers' Association (CCPA) recognizes the need and right of the public to know the risks associated with the operations and products present in or transported through communities. This is explicitly expressed in CCPA's "Guiding Principles of Responsible Care".

Member companies will:

i) ensure that operations do not present an unacceptable level of risk to employees, customers, the public, or the environment;

ii) provide relevant information on the hazards of chemicals to customers, urging them to use and dispose of products in a safe manner; and make such information available to the public on request;

iii) be responsive and sensitive to legitimate community concerns.

Principles Of A Community Right-To-Know Policy

1. The community is entitled to the same type of health and safety information as an employee.

2. Provision of information to the public must recognize the need to protect legitimate trade secrets.

3. Accurate hazard information shall always be provided regardless of trade secrets.

4. Citizens in and around CCPA member company fixed facilities have a right to know the health, safety and environmental risks associated with the manufacture, distribution, and transportation of products, and the corresponding safeguards.

5. Communities along major transportation routes have a right of access to member companies' information on the risks associated with the products and the volume ranges of goods transported, and the accompanying safeguards.

6. Member companies will communicate to emergency response agencies the nature, volume and location of materials on the premises.

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