The Canadian Chemical Producers' Association Code of Practice

Statement of Policy on Responsible Care


Canadian chemical producers encourage the responsible development, introduction, manufacture, transportation, storage, handling, distribution, use and ultimate disposal of chemicals and chemical products so as to minimize adverse effects on human health and well-being and on the environment; i.e. Canadian chemical producers encourage "Responsible Care7".

Statement of Commitment

The Canadian Chemical industry is committed to taking every practical precaution toward ensuring products do not present an unacceptable level of risk to its employees, customers, the public or the environment. The most senior executive responsible for chemical operations in each member company of the Canadian Chemical Producers' Association has formally accepted these principles and endorsement is a condition of membership.


The chemical industry recognizes that a degree of government regulation in combination with the self-initiated actions of industry is required to ensure a sufficiently comprehensive, timely and orderly advance toward the goal of protecting the health and well-being of Canadians and their environment. It supports the development of equitable and attainable standards. Within this framework, industry believes that the best way to achieve this goal is to:

a) ensure that guidelines and regulations established by government with respect to the potential hazards of chemicals are based on scientifically supported data and/or expert opinion;

b) ensure that guidelines and regulations are realistic in terms of societal cost/benefit considerations; and

c) ensure that the justified confidentiality of information, particularly that affecting the competitiveness of companies, is appropriately preserved.

Canadian chemical producers are committed to develop and implement plans, programs and communications within industry and in conjunction with governments, regulatory agencies, other resource groups and affected parties to promote the principle of "Responsible Care".

Guiding Principles

The following list of guiding principles is subscribed to by member companies of the Canadian Chemical Producers' Association.

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