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The Beijing Platform for Action and International Human Rights Obligations under all Conventions except CEDAW



Companion Chart to:  Platform for Action and CEDAW Convention

Beijing Platform for Action

Human Rights Treaty Obligations

Declaration and Mission Statement:

Commitment to equal  rights as enshrined in the UN Charter, Universal Declaration  of Human Rights, CEDAW Convention, Convention on the Rights of the Child

Recognize women’s human rights as universal, indivisible, inalienable

Take all necessary meassures to eliminate discrimination against women and girls

Art. 2 condemnation of racial discrimination

Art. 4, GR 15 prohibition  of all propaganda and organization based on
ideology of superiority of one race

Art. 1, 2 Right to self-determination  for all individuals without discrimination


Art. 3 equal enjoyment of political and civil rights for men and women

General Comment 4 (Art 3) requires information about actions being taken in
this regard beyond legislation

Art. 3 equal enjoyment of economic, social and cultural rights for men and women

General Comment 3 (Art. 2) obligations of conduct and obligations of result of
the States parties

Art. 1 definition of torture

Art. 2 effective meassures to prevent acts of torture


Art. 2 respect and ensure rights of each child without discrimination of any kind

Art. 3 best interest of the child shall be primary consideration, taking into account
the rights and duties of parents

Art. 4 take all appropriate meassures

A. Poverty  
Art. 9 right to social security

Art. 11 and General comment 12 (Art.11) right for every person without discrimination to adequate standard of living, including food, clothing and housing: right to be free from hunger


Art. 26 right of the child to benefit from social security

Art. 27 right of the child to standard of living that allows physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development

B. Education and training    

Art . 7 combating prejudices which lead to racial discrimination

Art. 13 right of everyone to education, (mentioning primary, secondary, higher education and vocational training)

Art. 14 compulsory primary education should be ensured by States parties

General comment 13 (Art. 13) education should be directed to the full development of human personality and the sense of its dignity, with special regard to the situation of women and girls


Art. 10 education of civil or military personnel about prohibition against torture
(may fit better in violence against women)


Art. 13 right of the child to freedom of expression and to seek and receive

Art .18 recognition of responsibility of both parents in upbringing of the child

Art. 20 state should give special protection and assistance to a child deprived by family environment

Art. 28: right of the child to education

C. Health  
Art. 7 Prohibition of torture  and inhuman treatment, particularly medical or scientific experimentation on a person without consent

Art. 12 right to highest attainable standard of physical and mental health (women not mentioned)


Art. 23 mentally or physically disabled child should enjoy full and decent life

Art. 24 child should have access to high standard health care services, including pre- and post-natal health care for mothers

Art. 33 protection of the child from use of illicit drugs

D. Violence against Women    

Art. 3 no State Party shall expel a person to another state where this person is likely to be tortured

Art. 4 acts of torture should be offences under criminal law

Art. 13 right to complain for every person subjected to torture before impartial jurisdiction


Art. 11 illicit transfer of children abroad

Art. 19 protection of the child from all forms of physical or mental violence

Art. 34 protection of the child of sexual exploitation and abuse

Art. 37 no child shall be subjected to torture

E. Armed Conflict    
Art. 6 every human being has the right to life under all circumstances (genocide
explicitly  condemned)


Art. 22 appropriate protection for a child who is seeking refugee status; efforts for family reunification

Art. 38 persons under age of fifteen should not take part in hostilities; civilian population should be protected

F. Employment, Economic Structures    
Art. 8 prohibition of slavery and forced labour

Art. 6 right to work and to freely choose kind of work

Art. 7 right to just and favourable conditions of work, including equal remuneration and promotion of men and women

Art. 10(2) special protection to mothers before and after childbirth


Art. 32: protection of the child from economic exploitation

G. Power and Decisionmaking    
Art. 25 and General comment 25 (Art. 25) right to take part in public affairs, to vote
and to be elected, to have access to public service, without any discrimination

Art. 8 right to form trade unions and to strike


Art 15 child has the right to freedom of association and peaceful assembly

H. Mechanisms    
various articles, among others:General comment 25 for Art. 25 (contains meassures how to ensure public participation)

various articles, among others:
General comment 3 (Art. 2) obligations of conduct and obligations of result of the States parties

General comment 12 for Art. 11 (meassures how to ensure right to adequate food)


various articles

I. Human rights of Women    

Art. 5 guarantee of political, civil, economic and social rights to every person,
among others: right to security of person; right to marriage and choice of spouse;
right to own property and to inherit;  right to equal pay for equal work; right to
education and training


Art. 3 it should be ensured that men and women enjoy the equal political and civil rights

General Comment 4 (Art 3) requires information about actions being taken in this regard beyond legislation

Art. 4 derogations of obligations in times of public emergency must not involve
discrimination of any kind

Art. 10 and General Comment 21 (Art. 10) Human treatment of persons deprived
of their liberty, with special regard of vulnerable groups, shall be guaranteed

Art. 12(1,2) and General Comment 27 (Art.12) freedom of movement, especially for women, within the country and border crossing

Art. 17 protection of privacy, family and personal honour

Art. 19 right to freedom of expression

Art. 23 and General Comment 19 (Art.23) protection of the family, right of consentful marriage and equality of rights of spouses during marriage and at its dissolution

Art. 26 equality before the law without any discrimination

J. Mass Media    

Art . 7 combating prejudices which lead to racial discrimination


Art. 17 child shall have access to information from diversity of sources; mass media shall be encouraged to disseminate material of social and cultural benefit to the child

K. Environment  

General comment 12 (Art. 11) right to sustainability of food availability and access


Art. 29: education of the child should be directed to development of personality, responsible life, respect for human rights and the environment, (environment: 1(e))

L. Girl Child  

Art. 24 and General Comment 17 (Art. 24) protection of the child without any


Art. 10(3) protection of children from economic and social exploitation


whole convention

*Key to abbreviations and ratifications as of May 2000

CERD: Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination  
CAT: Convention Against Torture  
CCPR: International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights


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