University of Minnesota

World Medical Association, World Medical Association Statement on Medical Manpower - II (1999).


Adopted by the 36th World Medical Assembly
Singapore, October 1984
amended by the 38th World Medical Assembly
Rancho Mirage, CA, USA, October 1986


WHEREAS, the World Medical Association endeavors to serve humanity by seeking to achieve the highest international standards in medical education, and
WHEREAS, the World Medical Association and its National Medical Associations have always supported high quality medical education, and
WHEREAS, the quality of health care provided by physicians can be no better than the quality of medical education that physicians receive,
THEREFORE, the World Medical Association reaffirms its support for high standards of medical education that provide high quality educational experiences for all medical students, and

That only properly qualified candidates should be admitted to study medicine, and

That the number of students admitted to study medicine be no greater than the number which can be provided with high quality educational experience by the educational resources available.

That the qualifications required of candidates to be admitted to medical schools be determined by the objective judgement of medical school faculties.

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