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Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences, Islamic Code of Medical Ethics (1981).




   Current progress in medical and life sciences has acquired revolutionary features ...and heralds breath- taking developments in medical technology and human engineering. Like any force, biosciences need to be harnessed for the welfare of humanity, and be so guided as never to stray to be a destructive power, as happened to nuclear fission in the near past.

    In the wake of application of modern discoveries in human reproduction, heredity, recombinant DNA and synthesis of behaviour-influencing drugs, our generation is witnessing a radical shaking of our heritage of moral values and codes of behaviour.

    In an attempt to keep human knowledge on the proper track prescribed by God as HE declared Man as HIS viceroy on this planet, colonizing earth, searching for God's laws and putting them to beneficial use, this document was submitted to-the First International Conference on Islamic Medicine held in Kuwait at the onset of the Fifteenth Hijri Century (6 -10 Rabie A wal 1401 : 12 -16 J anuary 1981).

    The document was endorsed by that conference as the Islamic Code of Medical Ethics .

    The adoption of this document by all medical bodies in the Islamic world is hoped to be an area we converge upon. .. in these times when there is so much that diverges us.


  Every Muslim doctor will hopefully find in it the guiding light to maintain his professional behaviour within the boundaries of Islamic teachings.

    Medical and paramedical students should find in it a window over the future, so that they enter their professional life conversant with what to do and what to avoid, well prepared to face pressures or temptations or uncertainties.

    To medical scientists it subserves the function of rudder to the ship.. directing their efforts to harness science and technology only to the welfare of humanity but not to its danger or destruction.

    We are confident that non-Muslim colleagues will also see in it a reflection of what God wishes man to tie, and to do.

    It is in God that we trust. . and Him that we seek guidance from.



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