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Decisions on Procedures of the Human Rights Committee, U.N. Doc. A/53/40, paras. 33-4 (1998).



Recent decisions on procedures : . 15/09/98.
A/53/40,paras.33-34. (Decision)

Convention Abbreviation: CCPR
Recent decisions on procedures

33. The Committee's annual report for the year 1996-1997 (A/52/40, paras. 32-39) included an account of the Committee's recent discussions and decisions relating to working methods, and a summary of the informal meeting on procedures held on 27 and 28 July 1996. A report of that meeting was later published as document CCPR/C/133.

34. At the sixtieth session, in July 1997, the Chairperson established a task force to consider all procedures in relation to article 40. A document on procedure for the consideration of initial and periodic reports under article 40 of the Covenant was adopted at the sixty-second session and is annexed to the present report (annex VIII). Draft consolidated guidelines for State reports under the Covenant has been prepared and will be considered at the sixty-fourth session.


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