Horace R. Hansen was a man who followed the Allied front and witnessed the Nazi
depredations of World War II. He was also the chief prosecutor at the Dachau
war-crimes trials. Witness to Barbarism is a posthumously published manuscript
written by Hansen and based upon his eyewitness experiences, letters written
home during the war, and his hopes for preventing horror in the future. A
profound, firsthand look at the worst of humanity in some of the darkest times.
Witness to Barbarism also reveals Hitler's military-situation conference
stenographer's descriptions of how Hitler conducted his conferences and made his
wartime decisions. Witness to Barbarism is a unique and welcome, and very
highly recommended addition to World War II Military History Studies reference
collections and supplemental reading lists.

Jim Cox, Editor in Chief
The Midwest Book Review

Internet Bookwatch - March 2003
Gale's Research Company's interactive CD-ROM series - "Book Review Index"
Wisconsin Bookwatch - March 2003, page 6