Witness to Barbarism was one of the most enthralling books about early post
World War II, Germany; I have read in a long time. The pictures were
outstanding - never seen before - compelling the reader to go on. This was a
book that you can't put down until you finish the appendix. Mr. Hansen gave us
valuable insight into pre-war Hitler and how he came to have such power over the
country and those nations around Germany. He intertwines his military work as a
prosecutor at the Dachau war criminal trials with interviews from five of
Hitler's non-nazi stenographers. These five men relate to the reader Hitler's
personality traits, how he manipulated the circumstances, and people around him
to get what he wanted. They gave the reader an inside view of history in the
making. I highly recommend this book to any student of history.

Bob Spear
Publisher and Chief Reviewer
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