Personal Consumer Choices

Overview: For one week, you will keep track of what you buy, consume or use. Through this process, you will become very aware of your consumer choices.

At least once daily record the following (using a chart developed from the model below):

· Anything you purchased from store, restaurant, etc.

· Any good or service that you used that was paid for at another time, i.e.: was bought earlier or eventually will be paid for by you or your family (e.g.: a bag lunch, electricity, water, gas, etc.)

-Be detailed here but don't take it too far. For example, you do not need to record an entry for each time you use water or electricity, but at the end of the day try to describe how much you used and for what purposes.

· Any good or service that you did not pay for but consumed (e.g.: napkin, sugar, borrowed newspaper, etc.)

·Disposal of goods and/or packaging on those goods, did you discard them, place in a recycling bin or set aside for reuse?

Consumption Record

P-paid for it Disposal

Pt-paid for at another time and other

Date Product F-free comments