A Military Base is Closing in Your Community

Base Assets

·2,850 acres, 392 on waterfront

·Airport with two runways and two helicopter pads

·Two major piers and one refueling pier for large ships

·Railway access to nearby lines

·Three weapons storage bunkers

·Fire Department

·Telecommunications Center

·Dental Clinic

·1217 units of family housing

·Marine Barracks

·Technical Training Center with 14 small buildings

·Administrative office complex

·80 industrial space buildings ­ previously used for airplane assembly and repair

·Recreational activities building and commissary

Base Liabilities

·12,000 military personnel and 4,800 civilians have been working at this base

·Poor access to public transportation, poor parking

·120 acres landfill with lead and heavy metals, and contaminated groundwater

·110 acres with 995,000 tons of municipal garbage, pesticides, asbestos, cyanide and other toxic chemicals

·Some areas around industrial buildings contaminated with solvents and fuels

·Many buildings in disrepair and/or not up to current seismic standards

Community Needs/Problems

·Unemployment rate will increase from 9% to 15% with base closure, not including military personnel

·Very congested traffic at certain times of day.

·Overcrowded airport with inadequate room for air freight

·No technical training college

·Insufficient child care

·Insufficient low-cost housing

·Little office space for cultural and public interest groups, or small businesses

·Commercial port has insufficient space to transfer cargo from ships to railway lines

·No public-access radio or cable station

·High crime rate in certain areas