Making a Local Green Plan


Transportation (many forms)

Energy (electricity, natural gas, gas for autos, etc.)

Development (land use and construction)

Agriculture: food/clothing


Your group is to devise a green plan with goals and strategies to achieve those goals for _________________(one of the sectors listed above). Your group will present your plan to class and they will vote between your plan and another group's plan for that same sector.


Interrogator: Leads group through questions. Makes sure everyone participates and plan is developed on time.

Recorder: Records group plan in organized fashion. Save room at top for name.

Group Conscience: Makes sure questions are answered thoroughly with appropriate detail.

Presenter: Prepares and leads presentation.


1. Set goals to create a "green sector."

­ What targets will you set? for pollution? for natural resource use?

Be as specific as you can. Think of how products from your assigned sector are made and their life cycle impact on the environment. How can the life cycle or products be changed to have less impact? Based on these and other ideas, set your goals.

­ Who should be involved in setting these goals? Why?

2. Determine strategy: How will these goals be met?

­ Taxes? Subsidies or tax breaks? Other government spending? Enforced limits? A combination of any of these? Other ideas?

Be specific. For example, if taxes, what will be taxed? Or if limits, how will they be enforced?

3. What obstacles will you face in implementing this plan?