Going Local-Energy Industries


ESCO-Energy Service Companies that provide energy efficiency hardware, software and services to businesses, schools and public agencies

photovoltaic (PV) cells- microchips that convert sunlight to electricity

wind turbine- a machine powered by the rotation of blades driven by the wind

biomass- unused agricultural waste after harvesting such as straw or after consumption such as fruit pits

1. What demonstrates that most US communities are far from self reliant?

2. What "essentials" would a self reliant community provide for itself?

3. Why does the author believe fossil fuels will become more expensive?

4. List the "natural endowments" that different regions have that could be used to produce energy locally.

5. Give reasons that support the following forms of local energy production:

a. wind

b. sun

c. agricultural waste/biomass

6. In a community that is "self reliant" in energy production, what role will imports still play?