A Day in the Life . . .

Henry David Thoreau once said that economics comes down to how people spend their time.

1.) Imagine that you are a person in one of the economies described above (other than capitalist). On a separate sheet of paper, write two journal entries as this person.

In the first one, describe a typical day: what is your daily routine, how do you secure your basic needs, what is your attitude toward the work you are doing, what are you thinking about, who do you spend time with, etc.

Then in your second journal entry write about another day, a special occasion. Describe where you go, what you do on a special occasion as a person in this kind of economy. Think about the economy's assumptions about nature, about work, about the meaning of life. Each Entry should be one half page.

2.) Next, describe how you spend your time typically and on a special occasion. (one half page)

3.) Do these two differ in any way? How?

4.) Imagine yourself in a different economic system and repeat this exercise.