Converting Your Local Base

Study Questions


Interrogator -Leads group through questions and keeps group on schedule.

Recorder -Records group decisions.

Base Specialist - Makes sure plan is consistent and realistic by keeping group aware of assets/liabilities and community needs.

1. Pick five assets and/or combinations of assets to convert.

­ How will you convert them?

­ How will the conversion of each address community needs and problems?

­ How will it be funded?

2. Who should own the land?

3. What job skills are displaced base employees likely to have? How could they be used in your conversion plan? What kind of training programs are you likely to need?

4. What kind of clean-up, restoration or other changes in infrastructure will be necessary before civilian use can begin? How will this take place? Who will fund it?

5. Will your plan be sustainable over the long run? Why or why not?

6. Does your plan utilize fiscal policy? How so?

7. What are possible obstacles to a successful conversion? How can you get over these?