Advertising Techniques

I. Advertising Strategies

A. Slogans/Puffery

­ phrases/songs/images that sound great but mean little

B. Rational Appeal

­ logic or reasoning to convince consumer to buy

C. Emotional Appeal

­ famous people endorsements, claims that everybody is using product, popularity/well being improved by products, sex appeal

*One or all of these strategies are used in an ad to convince consumers to buy.

II. Targeted Groups

A. Belonger lifestyle ­ traditional values, conservative, old fashioned

B. Emulator lifestyle ­ impressionable group, in search of identity, seeking group acceptance, important to "be cool", often younger people

C. Achiever lifestyle ­ America's materialists, successful professionally, frustrated by being stuck just under top rung of economic ladder, King or Queen for the day

D. Inner Directed lifestyle ­ seeking personal fulfillment, "I am me", experimental, socially/environmentally conscious, self constrained in purchasing power, hard group to target with ads

*Ads may target one or more of these lifestyles. A product may have different ads to reach different audiences.

*Concepts were developed by SRI (Menlo Park)