Activity 8-1
The Global Athletic Shoe



  • To recognize the increasing globalization of the economy
  • To understand how and why the production of a product from a multinational company has become globalized
  • To begin assessing the benefits and downsides to a global economy



One - two class periods


Completion of handout


globalization interdependence specialization resource focus capital intensive labor intensive land intensive

Suggested Procedure

1. Have students look at clothing labels. Create a list from student responses of all countries and areas in the US where their clothes are made. Derive concept of globalization. Ask students why clothing is made in these places (cheap labor, etc.).

2. Have class discuss why we trade. Derive concept of specialization, exports and imports.

3. Have students read the handout, The Global Shoe and elaborate on resource focus/specialization to help determine where different phases/parts of production take place.

4. Have students work in pairs to complete the handout: The Global Shoe.

5. Read story, Global Shoe, and have students modify their story/diagram with a different color pen. Stop frequently to discuss the production process.

6. Have class discuss what might be good and bad about this global production of shoes.


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