Activity 7-3
Military Conversion



  • To promote awareness of what base closures mean to local economies and government policies
  • To involve students in planning for sustainable economic activities, using already existing base assets
  • To develop skills in organization and analysis


Time Two - three class periods


Completion and effectiveness of final group plan.


economic conversion toxic waste

sustainability fiscal policy

Suggested Procedure

1. Introduce students to the basic idea of base closures, conversion to civilian use and the problem of hazardous waste on base sites.

2. Students should be given time individually to read List of Base Assets and Liabilities/Community Needs and Conversion Plan Questions.

3. Have students form into groups of three - five students. They should review the materials and Study Questions together, brainstorm possible conversions and then decide and record answers to Conversion Plan Questions. Share the information from "A Base Conversion" handout before, during or after student group work whenever it seems appropriate or needed.

4. Have some groups report back to the entire class. Use this as an opportunity to further discussion by the whole class. Make connections to the federal budget and "Green Plans" (Activities 7-1 and 7-2).

5. Alternatively, the materials and Study Questions could be used as a homework assignment, followed by class discussion.




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