This book is lovingly dedicated to our children:
Jesse, Jacob, Rachel, Erica, Marian, Maggie, and Maria and to the children of the world.
It is also dedicated to the memory of June Carlson.



The authors wish to acknowledge and thank the following people for their efforts in the idea, planning, production, and/or advising of this curriculum:

  • The Stanley Foundation, especially Joan Winship and Jill Goldesberry for their vision, support and partnership;
  • Kristi Rudelius-Palmer for the initiation and continued support of this project;
  • Growing Communities for Peace, especially Julie Penshorn, for numerous hours of help with circle times and parent education sessions;
  • Susan Moravec for editing help, suggestions and continued support;
  • Nancy Flowers, Jennifer Saari, and Elizabeth Spackman for editing assistance;
  • Nancy Hope for logo and cover design;
  • Debra Goodlaxen for helping field test this curriculum;
  • Our husbands, Steve DuPont, Alan Foley, and Timothy Gagliardi;
  • Partners in Human Rights Education;
  • Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights;
  • University of Minnesota Human Rights Center;
  • United Nation's Association of Minnesota.

Circle for the Child Project

This curriculum grew out of the Circle For The Child Project which was started by the authors in 1995 as a grass roots effort to promote the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child through education and political action. This Minnesota-based project joins a worldwide effort seeking to ensure human rights for all.

We thank all those who have been involved with this effort, including Walter Enloe, Barbara Frey, Ravi Nambiar, Don Fraser, Mary Eileen Sorenson, Mary Dooley Burns, Angele Passe, Eileen Schrecengost Lund, Caryl Wogensen, Johanna Allayne Ronnei, Melissa Weldon, Gwen Willems and many others. It is our hope that this curriculum will be a catalyst for people coming together in support of children's rights.

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