METHOD 20: Open-Ended Stimulus

This method asks each participant to respond individually, often supplying opinions, words, or information, in response to a common question or task. It resembles the discussion method of Talk Around/Go Around under "Method 6: Discussion," p. 64.

1. Check-In. A good way to start a session, especially in a workshop that lasts several days, is to ask a question as general as "How are you feeling this morning?" or as focused as "How has this work on genocide affected you so far?" No one should comments on any statement made in a Check In.

2. Finishing Sentences: Start a sentence like "When I imagine the police, I think of ... " or "If I could change one thing to improve my community, it would be... ."

3. Supplying Titles, Labels, or Captions: Show an illustration or cartoon and ask participants to give it a title or caption.

4. Supplying a Solution: Read an article or tell a story and then ask a question such as "What are her options in this situation?" or "If you were the mayor, what would you do?"

Examples of Method:

ABC: "A Circle for Talking," "Me and My Senses," "Wishing-well," "Talking Circle Again." []