METHOD 14: Interpretation of Images

Responding to photographs, pictures, cartoons, or artifacts can illustrate individual differences and evoke feelings about abstract concepts. If possible, permit participants to choose the image they will examine. Ask key questions for writing or discussion (e.g., "What do you know about this picture? "... think about this picture?" "... feel about this picture?"). Conclude by asking participants to show their picture and summarize their discussion. See also Supplying Titles, Labels, or Captions under "Method 20: Open-Ended Stimulus," p. 70.

Examples of Method:

The Human Rights Education Handbook: "Activity 23: Windows and Mirrors," p. 98.

First Steps: "Pictures and Photographs," "Cartoons and Comics," "Children from around the World," "The Calendar Game." []

Here and Now: "Windows and Mirrors."[]