Appendix 1, Part 4:
Human Rights Education Resources List

Part 4: Taking Action for Human Rights

I. Curriculum

Active Citizenship Today (ACT): A Field Guide. Constitutional Rights Foundation & Close Up Foundation, 1995.

Anderson, Marna and Karen Kraco, eds. Good Things Happen When Students Take Action. Partners in Human Rights Education, 1997. Order from Human Rights USA Resource Center, 888-HREDUC8.

Cairn, Rich Willits and Dr. James C. Kielsmeier, eds. Growing Hope: A Sourcebook on Integrating Youth Service into the School Curriculum. 1991,1995. Order from National Youth Leadership Council, 800-FON-NYLC.

Cairn, Rich with Theresa Coble. Learning by Giving: A K-8 Service-Learning Curriculum Guide. 1993. Order from National Youth Leadership Council, 800-FON-NYLC.

Fiffer, Steve and Sharon Sloan Fiffer. Fifty Ways to Help Your Community: A Handbook for Change. 1994. ISBN # 0-385-47234-X

Goodman, Alan. Illustrations by Fiona Smyth. Nickelodeon’s The Big Help Book: 365 Ways You Can Make a Difference by Volunteering! Tappan, NJ: Paramount Publishing, 1994. Order from Mail Order Department, Paramount Publishing, 200 Old Tappan Road, Old Tappan, NJ 07675.

Lewis, Barbara and edited by Pamela Espeland. The Kid’s Guide to Service Projects: Over 500 Service Ideas for Young People Who Want to Make a Difference. Minneapolis: Free Spirit Publishing, 1995. Order from Free Spirit Publishing, 612-338-2068.

Silcox, Harry. A How-To Guide to Reflection: Adding Cognitive Learning to Community Service Programs. Brighton Press, 1993. Order from Brighton Press, 215-357-5861.

Stephens, Lillian S. The Complete Guide to Learning through Community Service: Grades K-9. Allyn & Bacon, 1995. Order from Allyn & Bacon, 800-278-3525.

Urke, Brenda, Carver/Scott Educational Cooperative and Maddy Wegner. Profiles in Service: A Handbook of Service-Learning Program Design Models. National Youth Leadership Council, 1993. Order from National Youth Leadership Council, 800-FON-NYLC.

Wade, Rahima C. ed. Community Service-Learning: A Guide to Including Service in the Public School Curriculum. State University of New York Press, 1997. Order from State University of New York Press, 607-277-2211 (Customer Service), 800-688-2877(fax).

The Kid’s Guide to Social Action: How to Solve the Social Problems You Choose - And Turn Creative Thinking into Positive Action. Minneapolis: Free Spirit Publishing, 1991. Order from Free Spirit Publishing, 612-338-2068.

Learning by Serving: 2,000 Ideas for Service-Learning Projects. SouthEastern Regional Vision for Education (SERVE), 1994. Order from the SouthEastern Regional Vision for Education, 800-755-3277.

Pocket Guide to Service Learning. National Dropout Prevention Center, 1995. Order from National Dropout Prevention Center, 803-656-2599.

Service Learning 2000 Center. Service Learning in the Middle School Social Studies Curriculum. Service Learning 2000 Center 1995. Order from Service Learning 2000 Center, 415-322-7271.

II. Media Resources

The National Service-Learning Cooperative Clearinghouse at the University of Minnesota produces an annotated list of the following videos. For a full listing contact the Clearinghouse at 800-808-SERV.

    Some of the listings are: Action News 17: A Look at Service Learning; Route to Reform: Service-Learning and School Improvement; School Connection to the Real World: Service Learning, Service-Learning: Building the Case; Service-Learning: Helping Everyone Reach Out Through Schools; Service-Learning Introduction; Service Learning in Student Teaching; Service Learning: Transforming Education, Serving to Learn.

III. Organizations and Web Sites

National Helpers Network, Inc., 245 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1705, New York, NY 10016-8728. Telephone 212-679-2482 or 800-646-4623, Fax 212-679-7461.

    Several booklets are available from the National Helpers Network, Inc., including: Reflection: The Key to Service Learning: A Guide for Program Leaders (1991, 1995); Take Action! Exploring with 3-5 Year Olds; Take Action! Exploring with 6-10 Year Olds; The Helper Program: Getting Started (video package); Teaching & Learning: Helpers’ Service Across the Curriculum; Community Problem Solvers.

Youth Service California 415-723-3803

East Bay Conservation Corps: Technical Assistance Center, 510-891-3900.

    This Clearinghouse keeps an extensive national database, including organization profiles, calendar of events, service learning consultants, curricula, guidebooks, and library materials. Send E-mail requests to:

Mighty Media, Inc., 800-644-4898.

    A consortium of educators, students, and technology specialists whose mission is to empower youth, educators, and organizations through the use of interactive communications technologies. Youth in Action is an on-line service designed to provide youth with a fun and interactive way to share inspirational stories and experiences by posting descriptions of their volunteer and service accomplishments.

National Service-Learning Cooperative Clearinghouse, 800-808-SERVE,,

Other organizations include:
California Conservation Corps 916-445-8183
Close Up Foundation 703-706-3300
Learn & Serve America 202-606-5000 ext. 136, TDD 202-606-5256
National Youth Leadership Council 612-631-3672
Service Learning 2000 Center 415-322-7271



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