Activity 8 Handout:
Comparing Rights Documents

Directions: For each right listed below, indicate with a check in the appropriate box whether it is included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Column #1) and the US Bill of Rights and Amendments (Column #2). Also indicate whether you think this right should be guaranteed by all governments (Column #3).


Included in


Included in US
Bill of Rights
and Amendments


Should be
Guaranteed by All Governments

1. Free choice of employment      
2. Free press      
3. Free choice of spouse      
4. Adequate shelter      
5. Earn as much as one wants      
6. Trial by jury      
7. Free choice of number of children      
8. Freedom from torture and inhumane treatment      
9. Freedom of religion      
10. Right to own property      
11. Right to travel freely      
12. Right to an education      
13. Right to own arms      
14. Adequate food      
15. Adequate health care      
16. Right to clean air and water      

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