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About the Human Rights Education Series

The Human Rights Education Series is published by the University of Minnesota Human Rights Resource Center. Edited by Nancy Flowers, the series provides resources for the ever-growing body of educators and activists working to build a culture of human rights in the United States and throughout the world. Other publications in the series include:

Human Rights Here and Now:   Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender
Celebrating the Universal Declaration of
Human Rights
  A Human Rights Perspective
edited by Nancy Flowers   by David M. Donahue
Economic and Social Justice:   The Human Rights Education Handbook:
A Human Rights Perspective   Effective Practices for Learning, Action, and
by David Shiman   by Nancy Flowers
Raising Children with Roots, Rights and
  Lifting the Spirit:
Celebrating the UN Convention on the Rights
of the Child
  Human Rights and Freedom of Religion or
by Lori DuPont, Joanne Foley, and
Annette Gagliardi
  by the Tandem Project and
Human Rights Resource Center
Cover Art: Muhammad Al Malki.