All videos are available from the GLSEN bookstore: 800/247-6553 or

Chasnoff, Debra & Helen Cohen. ItĖs Elementary. San Francisco: WomenĖs Educational Media. Real teachers addressing elementary students on LGBT issues. 37 min.

Dupre, Jeff. (1998). Out of the Past. New York: Unapix/Apix Entertainment. Traces the emergence of gay men and lesbians in American history through the eyes of a young woman coming to terms with herself. Winner: Sundance Film Festival Audience Award for Best Documentary; Bronze Apple, National Educational Media Foundation. Includes teacher guide that can be distributed separately. 65 min.

GLSEN. (1998). I Just Want to Say. New York. A panel of parents, students and teachers talk about anti-gay bias in our schools. Hosted by Martina Navratilova. 13 min.

GLSEN Miami. (1996). Reaching Out. Miami. Contemporary stories of LGBT youth are told by the people who live them and the educators who help them. 21 min.

GLSEN. (1996). Teaching Respect for All. New York. Kevin Jennings, Executive Director of GLSEN, presents a comprehensive training video dealing with anti-gay bias in schools. 52 min.

In the Life: Back to School. (1997). New York. Award winning public television news magazine series. Episode includes segments on Gay-Straight Alliances, supportive Mormon families, youth suicide, the Ex-Gay movement, and gay youth support services around the country. 57 min.

Lesbian and Gay Parents Association. (1994). Both of My MomĖs Names Are Judy. San Francisco. Children ages 7-11 candidly discussing their families, playground teasing, and classroom silence. Includes instructional guide. 11 min.

Perego, Louis. (1998). I Know Who I Am÷ Do You? New York: Skyline Community. Documentary featuring Black and Latino gay and lesbian youth successfully reaching for their goals, despite issues of discrimination and its correlation with teen struggles. 10 min.

Salmon, Norah. (1998). Lesbian Teenagers in High School. A documentary about young womenĖs experiences in high school. Touches on race and homophobia and addressing this issue for students of color. 23 min.

Walton, Pam. (1995). Gay Youth. Wolf Video. Details the lives of two remarkable young people, showing that information, acceptance, and support can make an enormous difference to LGBT youth. 40 min.

Women Vision, The National Gay and lesbian Task Force, and The National Black Lesbian and Gay Leadership Forum. (1996). All GodĖs Children. San Francisco. Award winning documentary chronicling the Black churchĖs acceptance of African American lesbians and gays. Includes classroom study guide. 26 min.

Women Vision. (1994). Straight from the Heart. San Francisco. A video containing stories of parentsĖ journeys to a new understanding of their LGB children. Includes classroom study guide. 25 min.


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